Music For Everyone has awarded over $665,000 in grants so far!

MFE grants are awarded to support projects or programs that increase access to music for typically under-served populations. Special attention will be given to grant requests that support school music programs and programs that introduce children and youth to music.

Annual grant awards submissions due each year by February 8th.  In 2017, we plan to invest at least $100,000 into the Lancaster County community.

Please read guidelines carefully as we have made some changes to our grant submission process

Applying for an MFE Grant

  1. Step 1

    Read the Grant Guidelines

  2. Step 2

    Complete the Grant Application

If you would like to submit your 2017 grant request electronically, grant request can be emailed to

Congrats to the 2016 Grant Award Winners:


Name of Organization Grant Award Amount
Adamstown Elementary $1,795
Denver Elementary $1,089
Park & Taylor Elementary $5,068
Colombia Jr/Sr High $2,100
Conestoga Valley District $750
Conestoga Valley High $1,500
Conestoga Valley Middle $750
Donegal Intermediate $1,691
Brecknock Elementary $2,600
Ephrata High School $1,600
Hempfield High school $2,540
L-S Middle/High School $5,472
Brecht Elementary School $2,500
Nathan C. Schaeffer Elementary $400
Conestoga & Eshelman Elementary $1,500
Pequea Elementary $1,500
Pequea Valley Intermediate $2,554
Burrowes Elementary $2,100
Carter and Macrae Elementary $2,100
Elizabeth Martin Elementary $2,627
Fulton Elementary $2,300
James Buchanan Elementary $1,300
John W. Price Elementary $1,325
King Elementary $1,600
Lafayette Elementary $1,250
Ross Elementary $2,100
Washington Elementary $2,600
Wharton Elementary $1,200
Wickersham Elementary $2,150
Wheatland Middle $332
Lincoln middle $1,107
Edward Hand Middle $2,222
School District of Lancaster $9,400
McCaskey High $5,451
CAP Child Care $560.00
COBY’s Family Life Education $500.00
Cocalico Care Center $899.96
Excentia $1,836.55
Lancaster Day Care $500.00
Mom’s House of Lancaster $217.22
The Mix at Arbor Place $1,089.00
Southern End Community Center $405.00
St. Paul Christian Early Learning Center $700.00
SWAN $1,250.00
Vision Corps $1,004.70
Total Grants Awarded: $85,535



Congrats to the 2014 Grant Award Winners


Name of Organization Grant Award Amount
Aaron’s Acres $250
Abraham Lincoln Middle School $2,470
Brownstown Elementary School $2,285
Burrowes Elementary School $2,638
Cocalico High School $1,800
Cocalico Middle School $3,795
Colombia Jr/Sr High School $1,809
Conestoga Valley High School $1,067
Conestoga Valley School District $1,780
Ephrata High School $4,000
Ephrata Middle School $3,783
Fulton Elementary School $2,445
Garden Spot High School $2,896
Hand Middle School $4,175
James Hamilton Elementary School $804
John Beck Elementary School $2,960
JP McCaskey High School $4,558
King Elementary School $3,733
Lafayette Elementary School $1,660
Lancaster Senior Orchestra $514
Manos House $2,850
Martin Elementary School $2,000
Mom’s House of Lancaster $350
New Holland Elementary School $796
Opera Lancaster $500
Park Elementary School $2,042
Pequea Valley Intermediate School $2,702
Price Elementary School $1,050
Reynolds Middle School $2,810
Ross Elementary School $1,932
Schaeffer Elementary School $200
SWAN $2,300
The Mix at Arbor Place $608
Washington Elementary School $2,000
Wharton Elementary School $2,000
Wheatland Middle School $2,099
Wickersham Elementary School $2,000
YWCA $2,000
Total Grants Awarded: $79,661



Congrats to the 2013 Grant Award Winners